Pot Luck Supper in Honor of Sylvia Ross

 Message from the president of the CIHCC:

Tonight we are gathered to honor Sylvia Ross for her unswerving dedication to the Chebeague Island Hall Community Center. Sylvia has served on the Board of Directors of the Hall since its incorporation in 1977. The CIHCC was designed as a non-profit, publicly supported organization to be a true Community Center, in the finest definition of that term, to help serve the needs of Chebeague Island. As a founding member of the Hall, Sylvia has helped to shape the Community Center into the vital part of the Chebeague community that it has become today.

Sylvia has always been willing to serve on the Board of Directors in whatever capacity was needed at the time - I couldn't quite figure out exactly HOW MANY times Sylvia has served as president of the CIHCC Board of Directors! Sylvia has always been there to make sure the Community Center remained viable to the community.

The Chebeague Island Hall Community Center Board of Directors has accepted Sylvia's resignation from the Board with deep regret, but we are very pleased that Sylvia has consented to serve as a lifetime Honorary Director.

I am very sorry to miss tonight's festivities, but I join all of you in wishing the very best to Sylvia and honoring her for a job VERY well done.

Peggie Jones
President, CIHCC