Dear friends,


Thank you for the wonderful parting.  I was overwhelmed by the love that you extended to Jim and I during our final days on Chebeague and my final day as pastor of your church.   The dinner with standing room only was delicious and almost 100 of you were in worship on Sunday morning! 


My time with you prepared me in so many ways for this next step in ministry.  I will forever be grateful to you for accepting me into the body of Christ on Chebeague and for supporting me as I grew and learned.  You gave me the space I needed to blossom and the feedback I needed to bloom. Thank you!


Thank you so much for the generous gifts for Guatemala.  You gave generously - almost $2500.00!  That money will be used toward:


Helping us open this Health Center in  Cunen, Guatemala. It will serve the 30,000 Mayans in Cunen and another 10,000 Mayans in the 100 villages in the Highland Mountains around Cunen with no health care. The clinic is in need of a local doctor and staff to open the clinic at a cost of $13,000/year.


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The money may also help to provide clean water to the Mayan homes in the villages in the mountains. . There is no clean water in the Highlands in Guatemala and children and adults die of intestinal disease and malnutrition.  The mission organization is placing these filter units in homes where families have received education on how to handle clean water.  The units cost $85 and provides clean water to a family of 10 for two years.  Filters are changed every year at a cost of $25 per year.


 You will always remain in our hearts and in our prayers.  May God bless you, your families, and the community of Christ that is so evident on the island.  You are the church!  Remember that always. Love God. Love one another. Love your neighbors wherever they may be.


Our love and prayers are with you,

Linda and Jim