Each of the non-profits that get Chedemption money takes responsibility for packing boxes and bags for a particular week during the summer. Since the trailer is now kept at the Transfer Station in the summer, volunteers just put the bags and boxes in it as they accumulate. Now that most people are familiar with Chedemption and the volume of stuff coming in in the summer is large, each organization should try to have at least one person at the Transfer Station all the time that it is open during their week. Even if most people know the drill, there are always new summer people who need to be told and others who need reminding. Instructions are posted on the right front door or the shed. If there is a slow period, we have a small library and a comfortable chair . . .


The assigned weeks are shifted around from year to year so no organization gets July 4 or Labor Day two years in a row.


The Transfer Station is open on Wednesday and Friday 1:30 to 5:00 and Saturday and Sunday 9:00 to 5:00.



June 16-20                  Stephen Ross Scholarship Fund

June 23-27                  CIHCC

June 30-July 5             Library

July 7-11                     Historical Society

July 14-18                   Recreation Center

July 21-25                   Chebeague and Cumberland Land Trust

July 28- Aug 1                        Sailing School

August 4-8*                 Chedemption will be at the Town Garage

August 11-15              Chebeague Methodist Church

August 18-22              The Island Commons

August 25-29              Recreation Center

Sept. 1-5                      Chebeague Island Council

Labor Day is September 6

Sept 8-12                     CICA

Sept 15-19                   Chebeague Parents Association





* Because of the general chaos and congestion at the Transfer Station at that time Chedemption will be closed up there. It is possible it will be set up at the trailer in the Fire Station/Town Office parking lot since people insist on bringing things whether it is open or not.