Chebeague Birds
Bennetts Cove, Indian Island, East End Wetlands, Roses Point, Deer Point
July 18 - 25 , 2012

House Wren


Mallards at Sanford's Pond

Eagle on a tree on Hope Island

Bald Eagle flying over Deer Point

Semipalmated Plover Indian Point

Bonaparte Gull

Common Tern at Indian Point

Song Sparrow at Roses

Cedar Waxwing

Yellow Warbler Roses Point

Female Eastern Towhee

Great Blue Heron near the top of the trees on Deer Point

Broadwing Hawk


Eastern Towhee

Herring Gull

Bald Eagle

Ruddy Turnstones

Bonaparte Gulls

Semipalmated Plovers

Common Tern

Ruddy Turnstones

Common Eiders

Eastern Phoebe

Eestern Kingbird

Eastern Kingbird

Eurasion Starling

American Goldfinch