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Chebeague Care Resource acts as a clearing house for, and a link to, informed solutions to health care needs and concerns of the residents of our rural island community.

We are a Maine non-profit, tax exempt corporation.

About the CCR

CCR's goal is to identify the health care and services needs of all Chebeaguers. We encourage people to seek and make choices that maintain health and a quality of life to which each is accustomed. In recognition and support of individual independence, CCR strives to enable those who wish, to live in their own homes for as long as possible, and to maintain access to appropriate home care.

CCR promotes community and personal awareness of health, medical, and home safety issues, options, and planning. We act to support these goals.

CCR has received grants from Recompense Foundation, Island Institute and The Davis Family Foundation. These grant funds, when combined with generous individual donations and memorial contributions, ensure the continuing success of our on-going programs.

On-Going Programs

CCR has established a volunteer program to provide, when asked, daily telephone contact, companionship, light meals, transportation, respite, or a simple task.

CCR maintains a reference library on fellness, specific diseases, care giving, aging, insurance, or home care.

CCR offers community workshops such as Home Care, Retirement Living options, Medicare and Medicaid questions, and Elder Legal Issues.

CCR identified a need for island residents to become Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) to care for island people.

CCR organized a Senior Lunch Program for elders to gather periodically to share a noon meal, conversation, and companionship.

These programs are made possible in part by the gift of meeting places in both the Chebeague United Methodist Church Parish House and the Chebeague Island Hall. The Chebeague Island Council donates space in its monthly calendar for articles and public notices.

How Can CCR Help You?

No need is too small.

How Can You Help CCR?

Island Commons
To find out more about the Island Commons and view pictures
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This state-licensed Adult Family Care Home, managed by a live-in provider, will offer room, board, and home care for 6 residents. Skilled health services may be received as needed from a contracted nurse, therapist or aide. Island Commons is a small, safe and comfortable home where folks may live among friends.


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CCR Board of Directors

Pommy Hatfield, M.Ed., C.N.A., Nursing Home Ombudsman. Retired (President)

Ester Knight, R.N., C.D.O.N./L.T.C., C.C.M. (Vice President)

Alice Bowman

Sally Ballard

John Birkett (treasurer)

Anne Belesca

Bob Brown

Cynthia Sheketoff, Nurse's Aide, Marketing Administrator. Retired (Secretary)

Jean Whitaker

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CCR News


Monthly lunch gatherings have proved to be very well received and well attended.



 The little Studio building at Island Commons is almost ready for use as a multi-purpose meeting room/gathering place for residents and their families, visitors, staff, and CCR's homeless Board of Directors. Erik Weagle has restored its exterior, with only a few finishing touches to go (please admire its new look as you go by), and we've assemled ALMOST enough donated furniture to make it comfortable within. Some key items remain on our WISH LIST, however, and we'd be extremely grateful if you would think of the following while housecleaning, renewing, replacing any suitable pieces of furniture this spring.
  1.  We need 6 sturdy straight chairs with good seats (mix or match is OK)
  2. TWO chairs with arms - like captain's chairs or similar
  3. A floor lanp or two would be great
  4. A few end tables
  5. A substantial coffee table (no glass, please)
  6. and a TOYA STOVE or MONITOR in good working order - small size is fine.

If you can part with any of these things, we'd love to hear from you! Just call CCR at 846-6141 (you can leave a message). Or you may email Cynthia Sheketoff at Our thanks, as always, for you kindness.

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