Erno R Bonebakker
91 Park St.
Portland, ME 04101

As a member of the Bay Lines Operations committee, I have been asked to head a committee to work with all concerned to review the schedules and inter-island service for Long, Chebeague and Cliff Islands. This review has been prompted in part because of increasing need for interisland job related commuter services as well as concerns expressed about inconsistencies between “normal” and actual departure and arrival times at these islands and in Portland.

At this point, NO changes in the numbers of boat runs is expected, only consideration of the sequence of dock calls to best serve the island communities, and consideration of issues that affect arrival and departure times.

As you may imagine, this is a complex topic that involves many, often conflicting variables, some of which cannot be either planned for or controlled. The document attached is an attempt to lay out some of these in an effort to start the discussion.

Please let me know of any questions or concerns you may have, and if you wish to be included in ongoing communications as the review goes forward.

Please pass this material on to anyone who may be interested!

Thanks, I look forward to working with you. Do stay tuned!




Dock rotation- Cheb, Cliff?

Commute to/from Cheb- for Island Commons, Boatyard, other jobs?

Consistent schedule- arrival & departure? Islands, Portland?

Factors- can be planned for


Primary ridership- each run and each day of week- working commuters, students, visitors, up or down? more

Interisland ridership-

Jobs- Cheb: Commons, Boatyard

Visiting –All: Commons, personal

Schools- All: exchanges

Municipal-Long, Cheb- Liaison


Tours-mailboat, sunset

Restaurant guests

Student commuters- Cliff, Long- to/from POR

Freight factors-

Turnaround between 1000AM and 215/245PM

Passenger accompanied freight (e.g. excess to carry on limits)

Passenger carryon/off – extend embark/debark


UPS/FedEx -Midafternoon run


Commercial freight

Drive cars on/off


Lo/lo-crane- baskets, pallets, bulky (e.g. lumber, etc.)

Slow bell areas- wake- seasonal?

Costs: fuel, labor

Subsidized runs

Confounding factors- cannot plan for

Weather factors- fog/wind/ice?


Vessel traffic


Other considerations

Reasons for current schedule

CBL’s Vision:

We are a safe, reliable, clean operation that cares about its customers and the community it serves. Our employees feel empowered, valued and respected in a work environment that is open, responsive and ethical. Technology is used to enhance communication and business opportunities.

CBL’s Mission:

The Maine Legislature created the Casco Bay Island Transit District to furnish waterborne transportation to the islands of Casco Bay for public purposes, in the interest of public health, safety, comfort and convenience of the inhabitants of the islands comprising the District. Our Mission is, then, to provide sufficient dependable, reliable service in a safe and secure manner, as affordably as possible, so as to preserve our year-round island communities. CBITD shall also provide incidental tour and charter services to residents of and visitors to the Casco Bay region to enhance the quality and security of the District's regular service to the islands.