Dropping Springs LLC plans to establish Calendar Islands Lobster as the premier brand for lobsters caught by conservation-minded lobstermen in Casco Bay and sold through a fishermen-owned, vertically integrated lobster business


I. Overview of Maine’s Lobster Industry


II. Overview of the Calendar Islands Lobster Project


III. Dropping Springs LLC is poised to succeed in this exciting effort because:

1)    We have very strong and organized leadership, with fisherman John Jordan at the helm. (John lives on the mainland but owns a home on Chebeague.)

2)    We have 29 fishermen in our business (double the number last year).

3)    We have either made or agreed to make significant investments in lobster-holding tanks, a lease on a wharf in Portland, with facilities large enough that we will be able to meet regional demands, a portion of the yearly cost of an operations manager, and the purchase of a smack boat.   

4)    The leadership of Dropping Springs LLC actively participates in state and regional policy discussions – we are ambassadors for the lobster fishery.


VI. The goal is to launch Calendar Islands Lobster on September 14th, 2009


By cost-sharing an operations manager and providing marketing and branding support, John Jordan will be freed up to work on developing a long-term business plan that will require more traditional investments.


This innovative business model will be available for investors to review within six months.


For more information, please contact John Jordan at 207-318-1188 or Rob Snyder at 207-691-2393.


Supported by the Island Institute, which partners with Maine’s year-round islands

and coastal communities to ensure that they remain vibrant places to live and work.