Maine Seabird Biology and Conservation
Day 3 - Hog Island September 8, 2015

Today we traveled 8 miles out to Eastern Egg Rock Eastern which is owned by the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and is managed by National Audubon Society through a cooperative agreement. There we worked on various projects around the island that has been so famous in Maine where Dr. Stephen Kress was able to reintroduce the Puffins back to the island along with terns and laughing gulls. Many of us pulled invasive plants and you can see in the photos what a change it made pulling the yellow invasive radish plant. Some people worked on the tern nesting carpets, repairs and painting of the "Hilton" and the outhouse were done and of course there was trash cleanup from debris that comes ashore from the ocean. It was hot and beautiful on the island and we all worked hard. After lunch we had a special treat of being able to see a Leach's Storm Petrel up close and learn about him from Dr. Kress - click here to see the video I took.

In the evening we had a presentation from one of the interns who had spent 18 days on Egg Rock and then met others who had been interns and asked them questions.

When I get a chance I plan on labeling lots of the photos but right now we are too busy. We also have mystery of the day where you try to answer questions - there is a prize for the one who answers all the questions this week the best. Below is a video of Dr. Kress telling us a little about Eastern Egg Rock just after we landed. At the end of the day I did a scan from the top of the cabin looking around the whole island.

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