Maine Island Trail Association
Volunteer Youth Service Opportunity

Tired of the same old summer activities? Interested in becoming a part of an important local initiative? Then consider helping out with a new project to set up a long-term monitoring program on Bangs Island, right in our own backyard.

The Maine Island Trail Association and the Bureau of Parks and Lands manage Bangs Island for public recreation. We hope high school students from Chebeague will help us with this important work. The project will involve:

1 - Camping out on Bangs ­ a kickoff and training event (June 23 & 24)

2 - Learning low-impact recreation techniques

3 - Gathering baseline site data on Bangs

4 - Interviewing your friends and family regarding their own and their ancestors' recreational use of Bangs

5 - Writing a report with your peers containing your findings and a proposed future monitoring plan

6 - Organizing community forums to present your report and to solicit feedback

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about low-impact recreation management, ecological monitoring techniques, public presentation skills, and report writing (and a good way to contribute to your community).

The Maine Island Trail Association will provide statements of your volunteer service at the conclusion of the project -- this is an opportunity to build your resume for future job opportunities or college applications.

The overnight campout can only accommodate four participants, and we are also looking for help with other parts of the project. Call Bob (846 4983) now to sign up!