From the Town Administrator:  We are making repairs to the Stone Wharf to improve the stability of the existing structure.  The seawall under the parking area has deteriorated over the years due to erosion and needs some work to make it more secure.  The boat ramp retaining walls have also deteriorated and need to be repaired.  Mobilization of equipment by Roger Hale of Fore River Dock & Dredge, Inc. took place sooner than expected.  The duration of the project will be 3 to 4 weeks.  I will post updates as needed.  Feel free to call me if you have any concerns.


Upper Parking Lot Seawall

       Remove existing stone (approximately 100) as necessary, to base stones and reset in place

       Drill an pin stones with stainless steel pins

       Install filter fabric behind wall and lock stones together with concrete

       Provide capstones at 6-8 intervals to prevent vehicles from going over edge


Boat Ramp Seawall Repairs

       Repair a broken and spaulded concrete retaining wall alongside the Town Boat Ramp

       Install steel plates vertical and secure to wall

       Fill voids with rebar and concrete as necessary


Marjorie E. Stratton, 846-3148