Chebeague’s Long Range Planning Committee

Dear Chebeaguer,

What do you want the Town of Chebeague Island to be like for the next
generation of Town residents? Chebeague’s Long Range Planning Committee
needs your ideas on this question. With your help we can develop a
“vision” of where our new Town should be headed.

We have developed a survey that we hope you and other adults in your
family will fill out. It is entirely anonymous (though Chebeaguers don’t
always consider that an advantage . . . ) You can do it on the internet,
or you can do it on paper. If you do it on the internet it saves the
Comprehensive Planning Committee the work of entering your data into the
computer by hand, so it’s a big help to us. But we really want your
ideas, so we are quite willing to have you to do it on paper.

If you want a paper copy of the survey you can do either of two things.
You can go to the survey website, below, and print out the survey, fill it
out and mail it in to the address below. Or you can email us at
and ask for a paper questionnaire.

If you and/or other people in your household want to do it on the
internet, go to where
you can fill it out. The deadline for responding is February 12. Once
you have filled it out, email us at and give us your name and say
that you have completed the survey. If you email us that you filled out the survey we will not have to
send you a reminder postcard.

It’s important to the future of the Town of Chebeague Island that we hear
from you. Thank you for your help.


Tom Adams
Sam Ballard
Sandra Birkett
Leila Bisharat
Erno Bonebakker
Ernie Burgess
Donna Damon
Mabel Doughty
Bob Earnest
Jane Frizzell
Beth Howe
Sheila Jordan
Phil Jordan
Peter Olney
Al Traina
Vail Traina
Carol White