Marine Invader Monitoring and Information Collaborative
October 17, 2014

There was a fishing boat loading rope on the float that we usually check out the invasives so we went to the other punt floats which are usually put in May so they don't have as many invasives as the float that we have been looking at. We did get to the regular float for a few minutes after the rope was put on the float. We pulled the rope (27' is always under water) which has been in the water since June 16th and there wasn't much change from the last time you can still see the sheat tunicates forming along with some other organisms. There are more Sea Squirts and they werent as many as last month. The tide was not as low as last time and we couldn't see the bottom. There were a lot of little fish swimming around the floats. A lot of Colonial Tunicates under the usual float as there were last time. Lots of Sheath and Star Tunicates also visible and filling all the area. Click here for Report.


Observers: Bev Johnson, Erno Bonnebaker, Erin Love, Jack, Haley, Gemma, Kyla, Riley, Caleb
Time: 11:30 to 12:30 PM
Water Temperature: 15º C
Weather: Sunny about 65º
Time of Low Tide: 1:04 PM 1.80'

Lots of mussells and sea lettuce along with patches of Botrylloides violaceus (Sheath Tunicate)

Mussells, sea lettuce and of Botrylloides violaceus (Sheath Tunicate), Botryllus schlosseri (Star tunicate)

A few Caprella mutica (Skeleton Shrimp)

Membranipora membranacea (lacy crust bryozoan)
This is a first for us to see and record

Botryllus schlosseri (star tunicate) and Botrylloides violaceus (orange sheath tunicate)

Didemnum vexillum (Colonial Tunicate) Lots under the float

Didemnum vexillum (Colonial Tunicate) Lots under the float

Ascidiella spersa (Sea Squirt) along with Botrylloides violaceus (Sheat Tunicate)
The rope seems to have much less of this on it than last time.