Marine Invader Monitoring and Information Collaborative
August 21, 2015

We have been focusing on the float that is after the CTC boat float and the Stone wharf in that area.

Jeremy Miller and Erno Bonebaker arrived to check out the site and help with the monitoring.
We observed much less invasives than the previous year with spotty distributions of Sheath Tunicate, Golden Star Tunicate and Lacy Crust Bryozoan. There were rare occurences noticed of invasive skeleton shrimp

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Observers: Bev Johnson, Jeremy Miller, Erno Bonebaker
Time: 10:45 to 11:30 AM
Water Temperature: 19º C
Salinitiy 35 parts per thousand
Weather: Foggy, 72º
Time of Low Tide: 10.03 1.18'

Caprella mutica (Skeleton Shrimp)

Non-invasive Ciona intestinalis (Sea Vase)
with non-invasive skeleton Shrimps

Botryllus schlosseri (Golden Star Tunicate)