February 15, 2009

We started at the stone wharf where I took a few photos of eagles flying, geese, ducks and a seagull. We then headed up to the East End where a seal was resting (I hope) on the rocks. We then walked into Parker's Woods so I could try and get some raven photos but only was able to get a couple shots of their nests. Overlooking the hook I got a closeup of Mt. Washington and then we walked down to the bar and along the shore taking photos and looking for interesting items. You can browse over the photos with your mouse or you can click on them and go through them individually.
001eagle750 002eagle750 003geese750 006seagull750 007ducks750
008seal750 009seal750 010sealface720 012ravensnest 011ravensnest
014mtwashington750 015hook 016hook 017hook 018hook
019hook 020hook 021 022 023
024 025 026 027seagull750 028seagull
029hook 030power 031power 032 033
034 035 036 037cascobayboat 038cascobayboat
039 040longisland 041longisland 042longisland 043
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