Message from the CTC:

An unusual parking opportunity:
This year demand for Blanchard lot parking stickers was down! CTC has four stickers available to be sold at the current rate of $675 for the calendar year. Applications are available on the boat or at the office (846-5227). Stickers will be awarded on the basis of need according to the usual criteria:

-whether the applicant needs a permit to commute daily to and from the mainland
-whether the applicant needs a permit at all times, e.g., is a year-round resident
-whether the applicant has demonstrated any other specific and legitimate need

Please attach to your application a paragraph explaining why you need the sticker. The deadline for submitting an application to the CTC office is 4 PM on April 15th. If awarded a Blanchard lot sticker and if you already have a Route 1 sticker, the full $600 will be applied to the $675 for the Blanchard lot.

In the unlikely event that any stickers are left over, they will be offered at a public auction, details of which will be announced in April.