2012 Chili, Chowder and Soup Challenge
Chebeague Island Recreation Center
February 18, 2012

We had 14 chilis, 10 Chowders and 11 Soups
Thank you to all the contributors
CHILI : Amy Rich, Bev Johnson, Bea Pettit, Ellen Maher, Julie Doughty, Sam Birkett, Beth Putnam, Brenda Helbig, Julie Helbig, Carol MacArthur, Donna Merrill, Christine Englund, Meredith Beaupre and Hank Israel
CHOWDER: Allyson Smith, Erin Whetham, Kelley Rich, Mary Todd, Brenda Helbig, Vicki Todd, May Hall, Sue Sawyer, Sara McKinnon and Arlene Dyer
SOUP: Annette Kincaid, Beth Howe, Jen Belesca, Mary Holt, Lisa Israel, Erik Weagle, Gerri Prentice, Lori Rich, Polly Wentworth, Deb Bowman and Carol White

Winners were: Chili: 1st Ellen Maher (White Chicken Chili), 2nd Bev Johnson (Beef Chili), 3rd Carol MacArthur (Beef Chili)
Chowder: 1st Erin Whetham (Coconut milk Sweet Potato) 2nd Mary Todd (Seafood Chowder), 3rd Brenda Helbig (Clam Chowder)
Soup: 1st Jen Belesca (Minestrone w/Italian Sausage), 2nd Lori Rich (Creamy Ham and Vegetable), 3rd Lisa Israel (Butternut Squash)