2010 Chili Chowder Soup Challenge

This year we had 8 chowders, 10 chilis and 11 Soups - they were all fantastic and some people couldn't decide which ones they liked the best. Every one was at least listed as a favorite by someone. We gave out prizes for the first three of each and the prizes were donated by local restaurants including Pat's Pizza, Bruces Burrito, 233 Grill, Claytons, Great Lost Bear
A huge thank you to Ellen Maher who graciously ran the challenge and to her family who helped.


1st Place ---Julie Doughty (#7)
2nd Place --- Annette Kincaid (#3)
3rd Place --- Ellen Maher (#2)


1st Place ---Donna Damon (#5)
2nd Place --- Mary Taylor (#2)
3rd Place --- Kelley Rich (#3)


1st Place ---Laurie Rich (#2)
2nd Place --- Donna Damon (#3)
3rd Place --- Leila Bisharat (#9)