2009 Polar Bear Plunge

The plungers this year were Bev Johnson, Megan Munroe, Seth Prescott, Amanda Campbell, Genny Dyer, Patti Rich, Leah McDonald, Anna Maine, Topher Neumann, David Hamilton, Bob Earnest, and Kelly Wright
Movie taken by Keven Wentworth
Movie taken by Steve Johnson
The Teens would like to thank all the people who helped make this another fun worthwile fundraiser. Special thank you to the Boat Yard for opening their buildings and having us use this wonderful spot. Thank you to the rescue including Jarrod Smith, Beth Wiles and Thea Young who stood by. Thank you to Betsy Hanscom who created and donated ten Corn Polar Bear Warmers for the top fundraisers - please check out her website and know that many of her items are available at the Niblic.
Youtube video
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