Good afternoon, parents of Chebeague Island kids and Community Members!

I have recently become part of an important but and fun effort to mobilize public action on clean energy policy. Specifically, I am working on a project called "Make Art for Climate." You can check out this link:

The basic idea is to make a collaborative art project that will be sent to our senators as a symbol of our commitment to making policy changes that will transition Maine away from our dependence on home heating oil through funding for energy efficiency and weatherization initiatives, and will create a whole new field of jobs right here in Maine to get us there.

My interest in sustainability began as a kid on Chebeague -- who understands better the principle of conservation than islanders? So I thought island kids and artists could come together to show Washington what we know about being careful with resources.

Given some congressional deadlines, there was a very short timeline to get an event organized and scheduled. The Rec Center is hosting an after school "Art Party" at

3:15 tomorrow, Thursday November 19.

The art will be sent to Washington as a visual message. Though this event is happening on short notice, there will be further opportunity to demonstrate support as the art campaign will continue through at least the end of this year. Vicki Todd has offered The Boat House space above the Niblic for a small art show of the kids' work.

All ages are welcome to attend this event and those that follow. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Amy Kersteen
PO Box 33
Chebeague Island, ME 04017