2009 Chili/Chowder/Soup Challenge

A huge thank you to Ellen Maher and Sam Birkett who planned and organized the Challenge this year - well over 100 people came and enjoyed the fantastic entries! Thank you to Nancy Olney for getting the dessert table, water, coffee, tea and getting lots of treats from many people. Ellen's right hand people who set it all up husband Peter and Sister and Brother-in-law Linda and Ed Billings.

Our new Executive Director Kelley Rich and president Laura Summa worked the door and kept up with a lot of details and information.

There were so many helpful hands including many servers: Martha champagne, Arlene dyer, Binky Boxer, Lynne Priest, Sheila Jordan, Carol White, Karen Hamilton, Phil Jordan, Deb Bowman, and more.... cleanup Charles Hall, Geoff Summa, Peter Olney along with Peter Maher, Ed and Linda Billings.

The people who entered in the contests were Lynn Priest, Laura Summa, Erika Neuman, Sheila Jordan, Sam Birkett, Nancy Earnest, Allyson Smith, Pat Parks, Ellen Maher, Amy Rich, Vickie Todd, Donna Damon, Mary Holt, Deb Bowman, Arlene Dyer, Bruce Bowman, Beth Howe, Linda Billings, Nancy Olney, Leila Bisharat, Ruth Houghton, Bea Pettit, Sue Bennett, Polly Wentworth, Kelley Rich, Cindy and Bruce Riddle, Jill Hamilton, Carol White, Peter Maher, Sue Sawyer and Sarah McKinnon - As you can see it is truly a Community Event!

The Winners are:
1st Place Chowder: Sue Sawyer with Haddock Chowder
2nd Place Chowder: Cindy and Bruce Riddle with Fish Chowder
3rd Place Chowder: Laura Summa with Garden Corn Chowder

1st Place Soup: Ruth Houghton with Tomato/Sausage/Artichoke Soup
2nd Place Soup: Beth Howe with Indonesian Peanut Soup
3rd Place Soup: Donna Damon with Chicken Barley

1st Place Chili: Ellen Maher with White Chicken Chili
2nd Place Chili: Erika Neuman
3rd Place Chili: Pat Parks with Inn Chili

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