2009 Quadathlon,
at the Chebeague Island Boat Yard
August 2nd, 2009
(photos by Lya Gardner)

What a great day for a quadathlon! We rowed, swam, biked and ran and a great time was had by all the competitors, spectators and workers. We have lots of sponsors for the event and they will be featured in our Fall/Winter Brochure. We want to thank Nick and Gwen for being in the boat keeping us all in line and safe, for the cooks Laura Summa, Kelley Rich, Phil Johnson, Doug Ross, Leah McDonald, Sam MacLean and family, and lots more. Thank you to Tom Adams for set up and time keeping along with Theresa Kaufman, Ken Pelton, and Sue Sawyer. To Maddie Kate for announcing and all the others who helped with making it lal hapen. Thank you to the Niblic and the Chebeague Island Boatyard for hosting the Quadathlon and ensuring everything was available for us. We couldn't have done it without the Bobby Dyer Boats borrowed from many owners, Middletons, Bisharats, Brewers, Lynches, Habigs, Bowman, Jenkins, O'Donnells, and others who offered - and Bob Dyer for building them.

The results of the Races were
1st Place Team: Bev Johnson, Kelley Joyce, Ian Donovan, Kelsey Gleason
2nd Place Team: Bob Earnest, Nancy Earnest, Catherine Merryhot, Curt Jensch
3rd Place Team: Cliff Habig, James Lunt, Jim Cox-Chapman, Bob Halpin

1st Individual Dave Potter
2nd Individual Carol Brown

Fastest Rower: Bob Earnest - Fastest Swimmer: Jim Lunt - Fastest Biker: Curt Jensch - Fastest Runner: Kelsey Gleason

Click here for a spread sheet of all the results

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