2004 Polar Bear Plunge
January 17, 2004

 What a great time had by all - there were six plungers Keegan, Tom Calder, Scott Earnest, Lida Munroe, Bob Earnest, Anna Maine (Glenn Coombs had a EMT class and will jump in at another time when - we will document it).

We had to move from Bennetts Cove to the Boat Yard because Bennetts was packed in with ice and we didn't want to chop any holes. The day turned out to be pretty good. It was about 15 degrees with a lot of wind but it was sunny. The water was a balmy 38. The biggest obstacle was dead low tide which meant the plungers had to walk through mud flats 100 yards and then another 100 yards in ankle water to get to any depth - but every year there seems to be things that make it challenging. If this had been the yesterday (-20 degrees) we would have had to postpone it so we really lucked out.

 Chili/Chower Challenge
photos and results

photos and results