2004 Chili/Chowder and Soup Challenge
 This year we set up in the Gym which gave us so much more room. Lots of people made lots of items. We want to thank all those who contributed: Beth Howe, Louise Doughty, Brenda Helbig, Carol MacArthur, Mona Calthorpe, Gail Miller, Banu KomLosy, Melissa Doughty, Judy Helbig, Linda K., Barbara Hamilton, Lori Rich, Bruce Bowman, Shirley Barker, Dianne Calder, Donna Damon, and Leila Bisherat.



 1st Gail Miller, 2nd Mona Calthorp, 3rd Louise Doughty


 1st Melissa Doughty, 2nd tie: Brenda Helbig - Barbara Hamilton


 1st Donna Damon, 2nd Shirley Barker, 3rd Bruce Bowman