Talent Show


 MC: Lauren Miller, Food: Gail Miller, Participants: John Miller, Josh Doughty, Brad Martin, Tracy Calder, Timothy Calder, Ryan Murphy, Natalie Murphy, Anna Hamilton, Genny Dyer, Britny Bernier, Leah McDonald

 Rock A Thon


 Rockers: Arianna Stefanilo, Britny Bernier, Darya Johnson, Jim Stefanilo, John Summa, Josh Doughty

 Polar Bear Plunge


Plungers: Leah McDonald, Chris Cash, Dennis Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Tom Calder, Lida Munroe, Ross Hawks, Anna Maine, Lauren Miller, Kellie Joyce

 Chili/Chowder Challenge


 Chowder Cooks: Beth Dyer, Arlene Dyer, Mona Calthorpe, Carol MacArthur, Brenda Helbig, Gail Miller
Chili Cooks: Brenda Helbig, Shirley Barker, Randy and Peggy Dunfee, Virginia Calder

 Snow Sculptures - not a complete list yet


 Snow Artists: Lauren Miller, Leah McDonald, Betsy VonPopering, Herb Maine, Julia Maine, Alissa Hamilton, Anna Maine, Gail Miller, Tom Damon, Virginia Calder, Cassidy Jeffers, Tyler Campbell, and more

Soon we will have some photos


 Family Dance - 6 - 9:30

 Music by DJ The Sound Lord

 Total to date of pledges, proceeds and donations


Thank you to Virginia Calder and Leah McDonald and all the people behind the scenes working to put this fun filled weekend together. This is the fifth year of Winter Carnival and the first one where we had enough snow for sculptures. Next year if we have snow there will be lots of piles around the island so we can have lots of creations!