Right on the heels of a serious bike-vehicle collision last week, and another very close call just the day before, I just heard of another one on the Cottage Road.  Had the driver not been alert there would have been a collision with a kid speeding down a driveway onto the road without stopping.


I donŐt know why there suddenly seem to be so many serious or nearly serious accidents on Chebeague, but we are very fortunate that in every case excellent driving has saved the day.


Because of the sudden epidemic of unsafe bike riding, I have been keeping a close eye out as I walk and drive around, and I can report that the above incidents are far from isolated.  Kids and adults, sometimes not wearing helmets, are failing to ride single file, and often are weaving all over the road.  I have even see bikers riding five abreast!


Please, please, letŐs all be careful!


Eldon Mayer