The island has been busier than ever this summer. Our usually quiet roads have seen some thick traffic of bikers, walkers, baby-strollers, motorcycles, cars and trucks, all trying to negotiate the road together.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) noted that in 2015 there were close to half a million accidents involving bicycles and over 1,000 bicycle-related deaths in the U.S. Bike helmets significantly help to reduce the risk of head injuries related to bicycle accidents, as do other road safety rules.

Recently there was a serious collision between a bike rider and a car; if the driver of the car had not been alert, and changed his course, the accident could have been fatal. In another situation on John Small road, if one biker had not stopped his bike on the shoulder, he may have had a head-on collision with another biker coming fast down the hill at the blind curve, who was not wearing a helmet.

Accidents can be prevented with some attention to road and bicycle safety. Bikers should wear helmets and ride single file, with the traffic. Pedestrians should walk single file, facing traffic, near or on the shoulder.  Vehicles should be within the speed limit and on the lookout for bikers and pedestrians, slowing down and offering extra room when passing as much as possible. Cars must not exceed 30 mph. If you are traveling on the roads, please allow extra time to share the road. If you rent your home or invite guests to our island, please give them this information so they can also follow the rules of the road for everyoneŐs safety. DonŐt think of these rules as a hindrance on your freedom, but rather a protection of your health and your island friends!