Had Lyme Disease???


The Town of Chebeague Island formed an Ad hoc Committee on Tick-borne Diseases to investigate the extent of the problem on the island.  We want to document as accurately as possible, the number of cases of Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, and Babesiosis that have been acquired on Chebeague in the past couple of years.  Note that we want to hear from "you" whether or not you live on Chebeague year-round, are a seasonal resident or a visitor.  If you live out of state, even if you were diagnosed in ME, your case probably has not been recorded as a Maine or Chebeague case!!


If you have been diagnosed and treated for one of these diseases, and you are reasonably sure that you got bitten on Chebeague, please share your information with us.  We will document case numbers only  and your name will not be shared with others.


Please contact us with the date of your illness, your contact information, and the name of the disease/es you were treated for.

Email: doublemsh@gmail.com     phone: 207-846-1072


Thank you!!

Mary Holman – Chair                                                              

Steve Harris - Secretary

Anita Anderson  - Island Health Officer

Cecil Amos Doughty

Leila Bisharat