I Lead Non-profit Retreat


Chebeague leaders from our nonprofits and the Town just returned from the ILead Island NonProfits workshop held by the Island Institute in partnership with The Recompense Fund. Read some of their comments about this valuable learning experience. Write kburns@islandinstitute.org if you are interested in participating in another one.


Selected comments


Donna Damon, President the Chebeague Historical Society


“Just a quick note to thank the Island Institute and all involved for the fabulous weekend at the I Lead Non-profit Retreat.  It was incredibly organized, relevant and engaging - and entertaining..

All of the speakers were inspiring and made even the most novice in the group believe that they could move their non-profit forward.  


This is one -if not the very best - Island Institute programs that I have attended over the last 30 years!  (And I have been to many!!)


While many of us have founded many non-profits - there is still much to learn in this ever evolving field.  That said, we may have done it but rules change as do best practices so we really need this type of event!!.


Kelley Rich,  Director Chebeague Recreation Center


“The seminar was amazing.  Every topic on the agenda was relevant and beneficial to my position… The speakers were full of knowledge and the energy of the Island Institute staff was incredible..

Having the opportunity to attend this seminar with people that truly understand what it takes to run a nonprofit on an island was priceless.”


Carrie Ridgway, Director The Kids’ Place


“It was an incredibly enlightening and educational experience.. I learned an incredible amount about fundraising, building boards, organization culture and many other aspects of working in the non-profit world….As director of The Kids' Place, I came away feeling determined, driven and ready to try and make some major changes.” 

Christopher Loder,  Town of Chebeague Selectman

“I found it to be highly relevant to many topics before the board of selectmen and for the many non-profits on the island. The topics covered included Mission / Vision, Fundraising, Meeting Facilitation, Grants, Bylaws and Governance, Strategic Planning, Budgeting,  Tax Prep/Endowments, and Board Development.


Each of these topics was well presented, many with exercises to expand our thinking.  The topics I found to be most valuable (and they all had value) were Board Development, Mission/Vision, Meeting Facilitation and Bylaws. 


I can imagine that this content would be relevant to all of our boards.”

Beverly Johnson    Board Member, Chebeague Island Hall

I have to tell everyone that the ILead conference was probably the best one I have ever attended. We were engaged in the program from noon on Friday until afternoon on Sunday. I am still whirling from all I have learned. It was nice to get away from the island and meet people from other islands and hear similar stories and share and learn from their experiences.

The Island Institute did such a fantastic job in putting this program together and bringing in experts when needed who were able to share valuable information. I would love to see us do something similar on Chebeague gathering all the non-profits together.”