On Tuesday morning, June 21st, our Harbor Master, Genaro Belzano, received a call that a boat had sunk in Chandler’s Cove. There was also a report that the boat owner was missing. The Harbor Master called the Coast Guard. The owner was found on shore. Chebeague Island Fire/Rescue was dispatched. Coast Guard Petty Officer Kimball was on route to Chebeague Island at 6:55 a.m. The coordinates in Chandler’s Cove for the sunken boat are 43.43.029 N; 070.07.786 W. At high tide, only a small portion of the mast is visible above water. A 9:37 a.m., the Coast Guard was on scene with the Falmouth Harbor Master. Petty Officer Kimball inspected the scene and found no signs of oil and no indication that anything is leaking. Two fuel tanks had been filled with water and the third tank was empty. Petty Officer Kimball met with the owner. The Department of Environmental Protection was called during the interview and inspection. They do not plan to make a site visit. The owner’s plan is to remove the mast and stay wires; buoy off the boat with large buoys; and prepare a marker buoy for danger zone. The Coast Guard and Falmouth Harbor Master left at 11:15 a.m.

Since the incident, the Harbor Master has inspected the site and the shore for oil spill evidence. There has been a slight oil sheen at times visible at the site. If you have questions or concerns, you can call the Harbor Master at 809-9480 or the U.S. Coast Guard at 741-5465. Our contact is Petty Officer Kimball. There have also been questions about what was done about the boat prior to sinking. The Harbor Master and myself called various agencies and it was determined that the boat had not been abandoned, therefore, we had no jurisdiction to take any action. It is the owner’s responsibility to secure the vessel.

Marjorie E. Stratton, Town Administrator
Town of Chebeague Island, Maine
192 North Road
Chebeague Island, ME 04017