Greater Portland Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society Meeting 12:30 Saturday June 6, 2015 LDS Church 29 Ocean House Road, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

June 6 Donna Damon, Chebeague Island, Maine
Donna's talk will center around solving and documenting mysteries around family folklore and some stories about interactions with people who travel half way across the country on a pilgrimage to find their roots on a Maine Island.

Donna grew up on Chebeague Island and now lives in a house her husband build on land inherited from her grandfather. She grew up hearing stories that brought her ancestors to life. Through these stories she felt like she ‘knew’ her family from centuries past. She was the founder of the Chebeague Island Historical Society 30 years ago and is active in many island organizations, including the library, church and recreation center.

Donna is the ‘go to’ person for Chebeague history. She has many great stories and memories to share with us.

GPCMGS meetings are free and open to the public. Membership is open to anyone interested in genealogical research and is $5.00 a year.

6 June ME Genealogical Society Open to Public 12:30 pm LDS Church 29 Ocean House Road, CE Donna Damon, Chebeague Island, Maine