Letter to the community from Laura Summa:


In the fall of 2009, I assumed the position of Chedemption Coordinator when I learned that the operation might close for the winter months. As an avid recycler and fundraiser, I knew this was a perfect opportunity to raise more money for non profits, while helping the community to maintain good recycling habits. I quickly learned how vital this operation was to our island, and my passionate commitment to Chedemption launched.


Since then, I have worked hard to inspire and educate Islanders about supporting Chebeague non-profits through bottle and can redemption.  This important community service has enabled many to know the power of cooperation and collaboration for the greater good of Chebeague, and has been recognized as an innovative solution to recycling in a small community. 


I am saddened to announce my resignation, effective immediately, as I have come to an impasse with itŐs sponsoring organization, the Chebeague Island Council. I feel that my experience, time and leadership are not valued under the current board of directors. Unbeknownst to me, my leadership role was taken away.


In spite of this, I reflect on my gratitude for early sources of inspiration.  Sanford Doughty who single handedly redeemed hundreds of thousands of bottles to support our beloved skating pond.  Gail Miller whose vision and leadership launched Chedemption so that it would benefit all island non profits. Beth Howe and Mac Passano who demonstrated tireless commitment to growing the operation.


I am so grateful to my committed team of volunteers who served with me to make Chedemption what it is today, including Bob Earnest, my faithful trailer transporter;  Nancy Hill, my baker, who spent many hours preparing delicacies as tokens of appreciation to be shared with CBL deckhands and kid volunteers; directors of non profits who led their troops through the summer slog of counting and sorting; and last but not least, young Chebeaguers who consistently and enthusiastically responded to my request to unload trailers full of heavy banana boxes.  An operation such as Chedemption is imperfect by nature, however the earnest collaboration of many quickly diminish this flaw.


It has been a gift to work with these selfless people who eagerly step up for the benefit of the Island non profits. These faithful volunteers are the heart of Chedemption.


Laura Summa