To: Interested parties

From: Will Lund (Holmbom family) (e-mail

Re: Cost questions for gravel parking lot

Date: May 20, 2015


Voters will be asked on June 9 whether or not to support negotiations among the Town, the Golf Club and the Holmbom family for the building of a 40-car parking lot between the Holmbom house and the Stone Wharf.


This would be (we believe) the largest parking lot on the island. We believe voters should have an understanding of the costs of the project.  These would include expenses for:


1)   Surveying

2)   Title work and other legal fees

3)   Zoning change

4)   Design of the parking lot

5)   Environmental studies

6)   Permitting

7)   Engineering, including water drainage plan

8)   Landscaping

9)   Moving and relocating of a power pole and lines

10)         Materials – subsurface and surface

11)         Stockade fence (185 feet long)

12)         Plantings along fence

13)         Lighting

14)         Maintenance (litter, snow, herbicide for weeds, repairs after rain)

15)         Security and enforcement (no tent trucks, no long-term parking, no parties)


The Selectmen have shown great courtesy to the Holmbom family since we were brought into the conversation earlier this year.  We appreciate the willingness of the town to agree to provide fencing, screening and plantings to mitigate sound, noise and visual impact.  We appreciate the offer to deed the strip of land between the Wharf Road and the house.  We appreciate the willingness of the Club to discuss and negotiate 1) a visual easement over land to the north of the Holmbom lot; and 2) a transfer the narrow “gully” on the north side of the Holmbom lot to the family to provide buffer from possible future building on Golf Club property.


If it’s the will of the voters, we will continue to negotiate in good faith with the other parties.  However, we are concerned that if the Town underestimates the cost of the project, the items that will not get done are the very items (e.g., fencing; screening) that are the conditions under which we have stated we will not challenge the proposed zoning change and construction.