Trip to Cuttyhunk Island, Massachusetts
April 26, 2014

I visited Cuttyhunk along with Philip Conklin and attended one of their Long Range Planning meetings and later enjoyed a wonderful pot luck supper at a community building called Avalon. I had such a great visit and met so many wonderful people and learned about life on a much smaller island community. I was able to share my website and some of the ways we get information out about Chebeague such as the Island Council Calendar and the Historical Society Newsletter. Right now there are only two children in the K-8 School and it looks like they are learning so much. There were lots of birds but it was raining and overcast so I didn't get my camera out. I did chase a Tufted Titmouse and there were a few Northern Harriers flying everywhere. I traveled out on the Cuttyhunk Ferry on Saturday and returned on the Cuttyhunk Water Taxi on Sunday and hope to get back again someday.

Thank you to all the folks in Cuttyhunk who were so inviting and friendly. They should have a cookbook for all the wonderful dishes that were brought to the dinner.