8/30 Casco Bay Islands Marine Invasive Survey

Jeremy Miller of Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve will be on the floats by the ferry dock on Peaks Island next Friday morning to demonstrate marine invasive species monitoring.

Jeremy manages the "MIMIC" (Marine Invader Monitoring and Information Collaborative) for Wells. Among other things, MIMIC provides the structure for a region-wide marine invasive species monitoring program. Jeremy provides leadership for the program in Maine and supports several volunteer-based invasive monitoring programs around the region. We hope to get one or more volunteer-based MIMIC monitoring sites up and running on the Casco Bay Islands next summer.

Jeremy and Curtis Bohlen (Director of the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership) plan to head to Peaks Island on the 8:15 boat next Friday morning (August 30). Once they get to Peaks, Jeremy and Curtis will begin looking at the marine organisms growing on the pier, floats and adjacent shoreline. They expect to be on-site at or near the ferry dock on Peaks until roughly mid-day.

This will be a great introduction to the biology of Maine's coastal waters. Looking for invasive species means looking at a lot of the invertebrates and algae (both native and non-native) that grow here. This will be a great opportunity to learn about the diversity of marine organisms in our region. This will be interesting for kids, or for people with an interest in invasive organisms in our region, or people with an interest in natural history.. There's a lot going on under the water....

For More Information please contact Jess Burton (jessburton@gmail.com) or:

Curtis C. Bohlen cbohlen@usm.maine.edu, (207) 780-4820 or

on Chebeague: Erno Bonebakker (ebonebak@gmail.com) 207-871-0048