The following information is in keeping with the State of Maine's quest to "...foster good relationships between landowners and outdoor recreationists; and promote high standards of courtesy, respect and responsibility by outdoor recreationists in their relations with landowners..."


"State of Maine 2012-2013

Hunting and Trapping Laws and Rules"


Ask First! 
A hunting license does not authorize you to enter private property without permission

Call 1-800-ALERT US (1-800-253-7887) or (207) 287-6057
to report violations of Maine hunting and fishing laws.

It is illegal to:

Discharge a firearm, including muzzleloading firearms, or crossbow
within 100 yards of a building without the permission of the owner, or in the owners absence, an adult occupant who dwells in that location. Building means any residential, commercial, retail, educational, religious or farm structure that is designed to be occupied by people or domesticated animals or is being used to shelter machines or harvested crops.

Possess firearms or crossbows on public school property or discharge a firearm within 500 feet of school property.


Deer Hunting
Hunting of antlered deer is legal throughout the State during any open deer hunting season.

Hunting of antlerless deer (having antlers less than 3 inches in length measured from the skull) is prohibited except by special permit during both the firearms season and the muzzleloading season.

In Wildlife Management Districts where no any-deer permits are issued, archers and junior hunters are also restricted to bucks only.

Multiple deer may be taken during the expanded archery season, and one may be taken during any one of the remaining seasons (with appropriate licenses or permits).


Baiting deer by placing salt or any other bait or food to entice deer or hunting from an observation stand or blind overlooking salt, grain, fruit, nuts or other foods known to be attractive to deer, during any open hunting season on deer is prohibited. (Does not apply to hunting from an observation stand or blind overlooking: standing crops; foods that have been left as a result of normal agricultural operations or as a result of natural occurrence; or bear bait that has been placed at a bear hunting stand or blind in accordance with bear baiting laws.

Deer may not be hunted with the use of dogs, artificial lights, snares, traps, set guns or any firearm using .22 caliber rimfire cartridges, except that .22 caliber rimfire magnum cartridges are permitted. Deer decoys are legal.

Driving deer or taking part in a deer drive is unlawful, except that 3 or fewer persons may hunt together, without the aid of noisemaking devices. Driving deer is an organized or planned effort to pursue, drive, chase or otherwise frighten or cause deer to move in the direction of any person(s) who are part of the organized or planned hunt and known to be waiting for the deer.

It is unlawful to hunt deer after having killed or registered one during the open season of that calendar year (except for participants in the expanded archery season on deer — see below, or by individuals in possession of a valid bonus antlerless deer permit or superpack antlerless deer permit).

Gift deer may not be possessed unless clearly labeled with the name and address of the person who registered the animal, and the year it was registered.

For information on buying, selling or bartering animals, see General Hunting Provisions.

Night hunting: Except as otherwise provided, wild birds and wild animals may not be hunted from ½ hour after sunset until ½ hour before sunrise the following day. Exceptions: migratory bird, wild turkey, raccoon (see below), and coyote.

Raccoon hunting:
Raccoons may be hunted at night during the open season only when the hunter: is accompanied by a dog; uses an electric flashlight to locate raccoons that are treed, or held at bay by a dog or dogs, and; uses a rifle or handgun of no greater power than one which uses .22 caliber long rifle ammunition; said rifle to be loaded only when being used to dispatch a raccoon that is treed or held at bay by dogs.