UPDATE 03/08/12

On Mar 7, 2012, at 6:56 PM, guy kittell wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Well I got home on Feb 9th as planned and settled in. There was some adjusting to home life, good and bad. Unbelievable the amount of
of trips from the fridge to the counter to cook and the table, when all you can do is put a few items in your lap in a tray. Making coffee
is frustrating at times too. But it is getting better with the learning curve!

I am going to outpatient therapy in Portland which is a smaller version of Spaulding. My therapist is a good fit. She worked in Washinton D.C.
She worked on the spinal cord injury floor there for 6 years and then moved back to Maine to work in Portland, so she is aware of these injuries
and has a sense of humor as well. I go once a week for now for an hour and half and do the rest of my exercises at home until I get my braces.
Then we will pick up pace with the secessions. I am pretty much at a stall right now without them. We still dress me up in makeshift braces once
a week and practice walking on the parallel bars. She says I do pretty good with what we are working with so I can't wait to have the real stuff and
see what can be accomplished. Just gonna have to remember not to get to far away from something to sit down and rest on something in the beginning.

I went to the orthotist, bracing specialist in Portland yesterday. They wrapped my legs with a fiberglass cast and then cut it off so they end up with
a mold off my legs. The fiberglass is in a roll similar to toilet paper, they soak it in water and then start wrapping your leg and foot. Sets up in minutes.
Then they cut it the whole length and spread it apart enough to get your leg out. Of course they don't tell you the part about your hair getting stuck
through the sock into the cast till now! Yeah I have feeling like normal from my butt to my knees, wish I didn't at this time. They make the plastic for
the bracing right there and the fitting to your legs.This stuff is so advanced now, they gave me a chip selection to choose a color or pattern for the things.
Looked at the leopard spots and asked her "who the hell"? I choose the basic flesh tone and not the blue jeans. Do you want anything embossed in them
like a tatoo? You're kidding me right, they will put it between the color plastic and the top clear plastic and bake it in there. It will take about 3 weeks to
get them, can't wait.

My thighs are getting stronger everyday. Try to keep doing stuff with them, you know the irritating kid at the table, or in church jumping his legs and
bugging everyone, thats me right now. I am able to kick my legs out past a 45 degree angle and hold them there now for 5 seconds. When sitting I can
also pick my legs up with shoes on about 3 inches and hold them for a bit. This stuff seems so good as little as it is. I have had some more feeling come
back in my left foot and keeps getting better, also just had one little spot of feeling come back in my right foot. Again not much but it all seems to start
with one little spot and goes from there. Now if I could just get some muscle motor in my ankles, keep trying and hoping.

Again thanks to everyone that has sent cards, donated money, food and time visiting or hauling me around. I seem to burn up 1400 minutes a month,
1000 text messages, not counting friends and family minutes! Have no idea on how many emails or face book. Thanks too all for not letting me

Will be in touch when I get my braces

UPDATE 01/17/12

Hard to believe it was a month ago today, that Guy had his accident, had emergency spinal surgery, and was paralyzed from the waste down. And now, just 31 days later, look how far he has already come!!! The following is an e-mail he sent out on the 17th, (3 days ago). Still don't know which house he is going to come back to, when he leaves Boston for home, but he can still receive mail at the address in Boston previously posted on this page on January 12th. Once he decides where he is going to be staying, I will get that info out to everyone. Again, thank you to everyone for all of your support!!!!!

Hi Everyone,
Ya Hoo, my projected leave for parole date is Feb 9. If all goes well.
That is only 22 more days, which translates into roughly 44 more crappy meals,
I swear the prison guys across the street get better food than us.
Can't wait but will miss everyone here, so nice to be rolling down the hall and they stop you to talk to you, to see how you are doing.
At that time I will have reached the plateau of where I might as well as be home in my enviroment, and continuing physical therapy outside the home
and finding a gym that I can excercise in as well,
I won't have to contiue occupational therapy when I go home.

Therapy is going well, improving abdomen,back,arm,thigh and butt muscles that never existed before to me.
Lot of sore days and sore muscles as well, but this is good.
My day starts at 5:30, they get you up and put you on the toilet, like this is normal?
Then a shower and hopefully an half hour nap and then breakfast.
First class is usually at 9, for an hour and a half
Then another class till lunch
Sometimes 1-2 hours off for lunch, another possible nap!
Then back to classes till 3 or 4 depending on what's taking place
And supper at 5 ish.
And then the doctor, nurses, counselors and chaplin blend in as well at various times.

I posted a video on my facebook page of me pedaling a bicycle
There are pads placed on my thighs and butt
The computer sends electrical impulses into these pads which then stimulates the muscles and in turn I pedal the bike
They crank up the power till you can't stand it, like an electric fence when you were a kid, or now if you haven't smartened up!
At the end info of the session I was able to pedal the bike 6 revolutions, big improvement over no revolutions on the first session!
I don't know how to get the video from facebook to here to add to this email, so if someone knows please send info along.
I couldn't get the video from my phone to my email because the file was to large and I don't have a usb cable with me.

I want to thank all the people that have came and visited me.
Also everyone that has been calling, emailing and texting.
Also thanks to the get well cards and notes.
Very thoughtfull and appreciated
Enough for now,
Thanks Guy

UPDATE 01/12/12

I have had 2 more updates from Guy, since the 6th!!!!! All is not perfect, nor might it ever be, but he seems to be getting a wee bit stronger every day. He still can't feel, or control his feet, and he is still adjusting to all the staples having been recently removed from his back. He is very sore, very tired, but always pushing forward. All the new news is good news, because it is all getting him closer to being able to come home!!! He even got moved to a new room, which, in it of itself, is a sign of progress, as his next move will be to come home!!! In the meantime, should anyone wish to send him a note, or a card, his address in Boston is as follows:

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Guy Kittell room 920
125 Nashua Street
Boston MA 02114

He should be in Boston for another few weeks at the most, then back home to Maine, but he hasn't figured out which house yet. He is still trying to decide that one out. He did promise to keep me posted, once he makes that decision, so we can all continue to keep in touch!!!

In the meantime, there is a printed copy of his e-mails sent on the 6th and the 9th at the store. The e-mail from the 6th is on the donation jar, and Ed has a copy of the much more lengthly e-mail from the 9th next to the register. If you would like to contribute the The Get Well Guy Fund by check, don't forget, just make it out to Kittell's Construction and write, "Get Well Guy" in the memo line.

Thank you again to all, who are continuing to follow Guy's recovery, status, and continuing to show your support. It means so much.

UPDATE 01/06/12

As many of you already know, Guy was involved in a very serious accident on Tuesday, December 20, 2011. There is a posting on this page, with the original information known, on 12/23/11

3 weeks later, we finally have an update on Guy!!!!! Guy sent an e-mail today, giving an update on the changes he has gone through, both medically and where he is, since word first broke about his accident. I will let him speak for himself..........

Dropping a line or 2
Sorry for the delay on getting back to you.
I have a new lap top that I'm getting use to. Lot easier than the phone for emails.
Well I had an accident, I fell 10 feet and landed on a drill and ruptured a vertebra.
They operated on me in Vt and then I decided to go to spaulding rehabilitation center in boston .
They have a floor devoted for spinal cord injuries.
I will be here for 4-5 weeks and then back home for rest and more therapy.
learning to get around in a wheelchair right now. hopefully soon learn how to walk with aid
I have feeling down to my ankles and muscle control in my legs, but very weak.
Every day is a little bit better,and it could be a lot worse
Blaine has come back to take over the business and finish the jobs I have going and to carry on till I figure out what I am going to do
and how much recovery there is.
This recovery can be from months to years so lets keep our fingers crossed that I can get around without a chair.
Got to get ready for psychical therapy at 2:30
will be in touch


Now that we know that Guy is in Boston and Blaine, his son, has come back from Vermont to take over the business, using the previously mentioned address, (posted 12/23/11), in Vermont, for sending cards, probably won't work anymore. Ashley, his daughter, has also left Vermont to return to school up at Orono, so it is not known if anyone is at the house in Vermont right now. Guy did not yet mention an address for where he is in Boston, but he does have his home address in South Portland, as he does not receive mail at his house in Harpswell. As soon as I can get a confirmation on which house in South Portland is the better address to post, I will. In the meantime, if anyone would like to make contributions to the "Get Well Guy" fund, there is still a jar on the counter at the store. An updated address will be posted, as soon as possible. Thank you to you all, for your continued support.