Efficiency Maine Business Energy Audit Program


For a limited time, Efficiency Maine has allocated some of its federal grant funds to offer no-cost, walk-through audits to help small and medium-sized commercial businesses, municipalities and non-profits that are interested in learning what can be done to lower their energy consumption.


Efficiency Maine Energy Audit Program eligibility requirements:

Š       Employ 50 or fewer FTE employees OR earn less than $5 million in annual revenue

Š       Must have a facility that is at least 1,000-square-feet in size

Š       Have no residential components to the business space that will be audited


To receive an audit:

Š       Download and submit an “Electronic Form” (or PDF) from the web site

Š       Provide a copy of one year's worth of electric and heating bills prior to receiving the audit

Š       Provide Efficiency Maine with a Federal Tax ID number


Any questions:

Call toll-free: 866-376-2463 or 207-725-1375

Website: http://www.efficiencymaine.com/at-work/business_energy_audits


Because of limited resources, audits are not available to schools, hospitals, private residences, or businesses with residential components, such as apartment houses, camps, or condominiums.