Hey all,

I am happy to report that we will be able to do the “No-Frills Revue” as the Chebeague Island Players summer 2009 production! We currently have enough people to move forward- a couple more people would really be helpful. As a Revue, I think you’ll find that the level of commitment is far less than the traditional shows that we’ve done in the past. The production consists of several skits and songs around a central theme- in this case, a sardonic and hilarious take on the world as we know it. Here’s an example of some of the skits:

A “who’s on third” type of thing around names that sound alike
The horrors of a college class reunion
Getting behind the 20 item person in the 10 item line at the grocery store
“A Brand New Hammer”- a spoof on the folk scene of the 60’s
An Aid Rock Concert for a very obscure cause
The obligatory tap number!!

I am open to doing some rehearsals during the day if this works for most. There are still a few people on the fence so once I know for sure who is committed to the show I will develop the rehearsal schedule. For now, plan to attend this meeting:

Monday, July 13
The Hall

If you have not auditioned for me- you will need to. Low pressure- just sing me a song you like and we’ll read some. REHEARSALS WILL START NEXT WEEK. I AM HOPEFUL THAT I WILL GET THE PLAY MATERIALS ON MONDAY!!!