From the Greely high school home page

This is an update to let everyone know about some great activites at Greely. In October, we started a Student Congress team to go along with the Lincoln Douglas-style debate we've been doing for more than 10 years. By early December, this new group had already earned two first place trophies for Greely.
David Hamilton and Ian Philbrick earned the December trophies, while January has seen additional trophies for David, Ian, and also two trophies for Bob Potts. Our most recent trophy is in the main office today.

Greely's Lincoln-Douglas team has, in the same period of time, earned several awards, foremost of which has been a recent first place honor for Hanna Willwerth, along with trophy-winning excellent performances from Rob Visentin and Chris Lyden.

Please congratulate these students if you are so inclined. Their hard work has earned our school a fearsome reputation and we go into State finals this weekend with confidence and a hope to add to our school's trophy case.