Cindy Bullens on Chebeague

Cindy Bullens, Democratic candidate for State Senate, is coming to Chebeague on Saturday, May 8th. Please take the time to meet Cindy at 10:30a.m. at the Boat House, The Niblic's lovely room with a view. Cindy will tell us of her beliefs and plans for representing us in Augusta. Please come and tell Cindy of your concerns and ideas relative to Maine's future. Take the time to help introduce Cindy to our Island community's special qualities, strengths and needs.

Several Islanders had the opportunity to talk with Cindy when she was on the Island in early April knocking on doors, collecting signatures and $5 contributions to qualify for Clean Elections funding. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear her message and observe her interactions with folks. I am able to confidently support Cindy's candidacy after spending time with her and listening to her conversations with Chebeague friends and neighbors.

Cumberland County Democratic Committee Vice Chair, Pam Fenrich, shared the following.

"A twice Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, Bullens is a small business owner who manages a successful music publishing company based in Maine. Bullens is the founder and Co-president of the Jessie Bullens-Crewe Foundation named after her 11 year- old daughter who died in 1996 of complications during treatment for Hodgkin’s disease. The Foundation has raised nearly $600,000 for the Maine Children’s Cancer Program.

Apart from recording and performing, Bullens has traveled around the world speaking and performing for dozens of universities, organizations and national conferences ranging from Dartmouth Medical School to the National Pediatric Oncology Nurses Association, to local bereavement, hospice, and grief counseling groups. She is an advocate for youth suffering from substance abuse and was the keynote speaker for Day One’s annual fundraiser in 2006. Cindy is also a Certified Fitness Trainer and works part time at the Casco Bay YMCA in Freeport."

She has a music website - click here!