Message from the Chebeague Island Inn

The Management of Chebeague Island Inn would express a deep heartfelt thank
you to all who contributed to the Student Benefit for all the young women
and men that have made the Inn a success this year. The Benefit raised over
thirty four hundred dollars enabling each qualified student to receive
money towards their education

We would like to send a special thank you to the people and businesses that
contributed to the raffle and who gave monetary donations.

A considerable donation was received from Island Electric. Thank you Kim
for your donation and continued support. Kim has given his time and
skills to the Inn all season, which is a representation of the entire
Island 's support and generosity that is seen but not always heard.

Donations received from Wayne & Arlene Dyer, Chebeague Island Plumbing, and Ester Knight and Becky Jones are greatly
appreciated. A big Island Inn thank you to all.

Donations for the raffle were received from and won by:

Marie L. - 1 cruise to Dolphin (Thank you Claire Ross) Won by Bev Johnson
The Niblic - $20 dollar gift certificate (Thank you Vicky Todd) Won by David Weiss
Calders Clam Shack - $20 dollar gift certificate (Thank you to the Calder family) Won by Phil Thaxter
Doughty’s Island Market - $20 dollar gift Certificate (Thank you Ed & Julie Doughty) Won by Darya Johnson
Wayne Dyer – 3 Yards of Loam (Thank you to Wayne Dyer) Won by Helen Damon
Joanne Anderson – Gift Basket (Thank you Joanne Anderson) Won by Darya Johnson
Wink Houghton – Hand made decorative Clam Basket (Thank you Wink Houghton) Won by Bev Johnson
Arlene Dyer – Home cooked meal (Thank you Arlene Dyer) Won by Chuck Grossman
Island Esentials – Two handmade candles (Thank you Vickie Todd) Won by Linda Watkins
Four Lobsters Won by Cindy Riddle

We also want to give a special thank you to the Island musicians that
donated their time and talents to make the night even more spectacular.
Thank you to Herb Maine who played in the dining room, to Jessie Ruso who
played on the porch and Great Room, Mark Dyer who played in the Great Room
and also to Mark Bowman who played in the Great Room. We would also like to
thank two Inn employees who played on the porch Sarah Kohls & Pete
We hope to see all these talented people again next year.

Thank You to all,

Andy & Mary Lemaistre
& the entire Chebeague Island Inn Staff