Do you want to still get your medications
delivered to the Island?

If so, please write a letter to: The Board of Pharmacy
35 State House Station
Augusta ME 04333-0035
Ideas for the letter:

How important the service is to you/your family.

The Pharmacy in Freeport (whichever company has owned it) has made a 30+ year commitment to get needed medicine to Islanders.

How you have used this service to not only get prescription medicine but to also get various Over-the-Counter supplies.

It would be a physical hardship and/or financial hardship for you to make a trip to the mainland.

Any other ideas that you come up with.

NOTE: Until this situation is straightened out Freeport RA will be mailing (for now at NO COST) prescriptions to Islanders.
The Board of Pharmacy may hear this issue as soon as 14th April - so please write your letter today.