Small World

Jim KomLosy wrote: "We met up with Jon when he came into San Francisco on the ship to load for Asia, China etc and I was able to catch a couple of pictures coming through the Golden Gate and later in Oakland where they docked. The ship is named the APL Thailand and is 906 feet long, 131 feet wide, has a diesel engine rated at about 60,000 Hp and the cruise at about 27 knots. They can carry about 5100 containers, a lot of work for a crew of 22. The bridge is about 136 ft above the water and its stepping into a space ship with all the computers and electronics etc. A real change from the ships I sailed.
anyhow here are a few Pic!!

And did I mention the nice young couple we met later on our way to dinner, Can't seem to get away from
Chebeague folk!!!!! it was a surprise to see Jay and Jenny
My best to all and best wishes for 2009!!!
Jim Komlosy